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Kick-off Meeting of GreAT Advisory Board

The GreAT consortium is very pleased to integrate strong allies in the GreAT Advisory Board: The experts at AustroControl, LFV Sweden, DFS, Harris Orthogon, ATRiCS and IFATCA pronounced keen interest in GreAT and have committed to accompany the project, providing advice and feedback on project activities and deliverables. The Advisory Board kick-off meeting was held on 27 February 2021.

To start with, the Great EU Steering Committee explained the project objectives, the planned approach and the advancement to date to the Advisory Board (AB). All AB members confirmed their strong interest in the project and their engagement to provide support. They will receive regular updates on the project progress and will contribute by offering expert opinion and precious advice. More specifically, they will review the key deliverables and join validation activities as observers. And of course, they will attend the closing event of the project in 2023, which will be jointly organized with the sisterprojects ClimOP, ACACIA and ALTERNATE.