great objectives
great control tower

With these objectives we intend to address ATC aspects with regards to the whole air traffic:

  • New airspace structures are investigated, which impacts all aircraft and hence the air traffic.
  • GreAT will enhance controller tools for arrival, departure and surface management to optimize the traffic situation as a whole, not just single flights.
  • For evaluation reasons, it is necessary to use scenarios in which individual flights can be tracked from gate to gate, since fuel consumption occurs on board of each single aircraft.
  • ATC aspects are fully covered on airport surface and TMA as background traffic is also simulated.
  • TMA optimisation strategies are applied to whole traffic, not just to flights from and to airports of the airport pair.
  • Less optimization potential is expected for long-haul flights, while ATC-induced maneuvers play a smaller role than for short-haul flights. In terms of long-haul flights, general flight path planning is more important.