GreAT is part of the ACGA cluster regrouping four sister projects granted under the H2020 Call LC-MG-1-6-2019 « Aviation operations impact on climate change ». Like GreAT, the three sister projects ClimOP (GA No 875503), ACACIA (GA No 875036) and ALTERNATE (GA No 875538) started in January 2020. All four projects, administrated by CINEA, aim at intensive research exchange as well as joint dissemination activities throughout the project duration.

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CINEA project contributions to Europe's "low environmental impact" priority

great CINEA project contributions

Climate assessment of innovative mitigation strategies towards operational improvements in aviation (ClimOP)

  • Determine innovative operational improvements (OI) to reduce climate impact (electric taxiing, flexible runway usage, intelligent runway lights, optimised and flexible TMA operations, intermediate stops, formation flights etc.);
  • Quantify climate impact of OIs;
  • Evaluate impact of the alternative sets of OIs for different stakeholders;
  • Develop harmonised mitigation strategies for each set of OIs;
  • Provide recommendations for target stakeholders on policy actions and supporting measures to implement the proposed OIs;
ClimOP (GA No 875503)

Advancing the science for aviation and climate (ACACIA)

  • To improve scientific understanding of those impacts that have the largest uncertainty, in particular, the indirect effect of aviation soot and aerosol on clouds;
  • Identify needs for international measurement campaigns to constrain numerical models and theories with data and to formulate design options for such campaigns;
  • To put all aviation effects on a common scale that will allow an updated climate impact assessment;
  • To provide the knowledge basis and strategic guidance for future implementation of mitigation options, giving robust recommendations for no-regret strategies for achieving reduced climate impact of aviation.
ACACIA (GA No 875036)

Assessment on alternative aviation fuels development (ALTERNATE)

  • Enlarge the sustainable aviationfuel (SAF) framework, in both technical and economic areas, starting with the possible use of more feedstocks and sustainable production pathways than the existing ones.
  • Evaluate new fuel candidates according to improved modelling methods, considering Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) optimisation, climate change effects and technical, economic and environmental consequences of their use.
  • Propose and test new advanced certification procedures to simplify the alternative fuel certification process and make it more accurate .
  • Evaluate possible ways to introduce a relevant amount of sustainable fuels in the air transport market, aiming to formulate specific recommendations for stakeholders on optimising the flight planning system and the use of those sustainable fuels
ALTERNATE (GA No 875538)

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Moreover, there are other past or running projects that can also directly be related to GreAT in H2020 (SESAR), but also national initiatives:

CEF - Extended Arrival Management (AMAN):

SESAR Deployment Programme implementation 2015 – Cluster 2