Expected Impact

A unique concept achieves broad impact: applicable in all areas, for all utilization times, using existing infrastructures.

great impact on short haul operations

Impact on short-haul operations

Ground side

  • Continuous steady taxiing
  • Reduced waiting times with engine running

Air side

  • Shorter routes through direct approaches
  • Avoid holdings by required time of arrival
  • Always use Continues Descent Approach
  • Always use Continues Climb
  • Avoid long transitions
  • Take disturbances into account
great impact on long haul operations

Impact on long-haul operations

  • Shortened flight routes of long-haul flights coming from Europe
  • Less emissions
  • Less impact on climate

Key facts and figures

per tonne-km before 2030, in conformity with ACARE (Europe) and CAAMS (China) targets.

enabling a common view on measurement methods especially on environmental impact assessment metrics, systems in both Europe and China.

IFAR, RTCA, EUROCAE Working Group 41 “Surface Movement Guidance & Control System” and 81 “Interoperability of ATM Validation Platforms”;
EUROCONTROL standardisation working groups related to CDO/CCO implementation and performance unit.