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Fourth Project Newsletter

GreAT's project newsletter number 4 is out! We are pleased to present our latest achievements and current activities!

Please click here to find out what progress the GreAT partnership has achieved in the past months.

The recent issue provides updates on:

- Concept of Greener Trajectory-Based Operations;
- Greener Short- and Long-Haul Operations;
- Advanced Avionics Technologies;
- Validation of Operational Benefits;
- Interviewees this time: Gustavo ALONSO and Arturo BENITO from UPM (Technical University Madrid / Spain) about GreAT's sister project ALTERNATE, and Dr. Yang ZHANG from NRIEE (Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Engineering, Nanjing / China) about NRIEE's involvement in GreAT.

Enjoy reading, and please share this newsletter with your network!