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Last Meeting of GreAT's Advisory Board

On 13 March, representatives of the GreAT consortium met with GreAT’s Advisory Board to provide updates on the project progress, such as

· research activities of DLR and HungaroControl

· Environmental Impact Assessment (UPM)

· Dissemination activities (published papers, final event on 24 May)

The topics of the following discussion ranged from technical issues, such as whether all aircraft are able to fly with negotiated target times along optimised trajectories (answer: in an optimised scenario, around 80-90% of aircraft could fly using optimised trajectories), whether ground / departure management could be integrated into the new airspace management system (answer: should not be a problem), or what types of airports could be first to implement the new procedures (answer: smaller / mid-size airports).

As this meeting was the last official AB meeting in GreAT, the AB members were warmly thanked for their work and invited to GreAT’s closing event 24 May at KLM in Amsterdam (remote attendance possible).

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