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ACGA Cluster: Joint Publications

As you know, GreAT is part of a project cluster consiting of four sister projects: ACACIA, ClimOP, GreAT and ALTERNATE (AGCA) are funded under the same H2020 call and share the same mission - to make aviation operations greener and cleaner. The ACGA projects are coming to a close (end of June; ALTERNATE finished in December 2022) and have interesting findings to share!​

Each project addresses different aspects of aviation's impact on climate change. Therefore, collaboration and joint communication activities are interesting. The advantages: The audience receives bundled and complementary information and the projects reach a larger audience together.

Mid-May, the ACGA projects held a workshop to present each other's findings and identify topics for joint publications and/or joint conference sessions. The yield was considerable: at least eight topics seem appropriate for joint publications, ranging from Greener Air Traffic Management tools to measuring non-CO2 effects and from Sustainable Aviation Fuels to flying slower and lower.

Stay tuned – we will keep you posted about upcoming joint publications from the ACGA cluster!

FYI, here are the dates of the final events of GreAT and CLIMOP:

GreAT: Event took place yesterday

CLIMOP: 21 June 2023 / for more information please click here.